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Mon 4th April

Change is Coming to Paradise!

The county of Hertfordshire is about to see a wild shake up, as change is coming to Paradise. Paradise Wildlife Park based in Broxbourne is proud to announce that we will be re-branding and will be taking pride of place in the county as Hertfordshire Zoo.

Paradise Wildlife Park has a rich history and for the past four decades we have grown into one of the most beloved destinations in the county of Hertfordshire. Throughout this time the Park has welcomed generations of families who have made lifelong memories with us here with the animals in our care, the attractions, and our unique and exciting events.


The Park has seen dramatic changes since 2017, from new habitats for the animals such as the Amazon and Beyond to the Land of the Tigers. New attractions like the World of Dinosaurs and Sun Bear Heights have all been part of phase one of our long-term masterplan. With only a few months until our 40th anniversary the founder of Paradise Wildlife Park, Peter Sampson shared that “it’s time for us to look to the future and as the natural world does, evolve. By becoming Hertfordshire Zoo, we want to align ourselves more closely with the whole of the Hertfordshire community and establish ourselves as a good modern zoo that everyone across our county is proud of. We will shine a spotlight on Hertfordshire as a positive beacon for animal welfare, conservation, and education.”


Hertfordshire Zoo will be a truly inspiring experience and as trusted experts and advocates for conservation, we want to share the wonder of wildlife with children and adults alike. Educating our visitors on the positive impact of conservation and highlighting how we can all live a more sustainable way of life is at the heart of our vision for the future.


Paradise Wildlife Park has now become Hertfordshire Zoo with an official celebration of Hertfordshire Zoo taking place Easter 2024, near the Zoos 40th anniversary which will be the 1st of April 2024 and will see an exciting new chapter in the zoo’s history. As the family run charity enters the next phase of the long-term masterplan, which will see a host of new, amazing but sadly threatened species calling Hertfordshire Zoo home. Lynn Whitnall the CEO of the Park shared: “We hope the local community and supporters of the park can understand our reasons for this change and we hope you are as excited as we are for what is coming as we continue to develop and evolve.”

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