Projects we support

Animal projects we support

Species around the world are under threat from habitat desctruction, climate change and pollution. What do these issues all have in common? All of these threats have been caused by people.

Small Steps for Big Cats

We care massively about wildlife conservation which is why we support many conservation projects around the world. Hertfordshire Zoo is our registered charity, a passionate team who care for our animals and help raise funds to support conservation projects.

If you’d like to volunteer for Hertfordshire Zoo, then take a look at some of the charity work opportunities we currently have available. We’d never say no to a helping hand when it comes to the care of our animals!

Small Steps for Big Cats

  • Snow Leopard Trust
  • 21st Century Tiger
  • Borneo Orang-utan Survival Foundation UK
  • The Global White Lion Trust (South Africa)
  • Rutland Wildlife Trust
  • Brook Animal Sanctuary
  • Amphibian Ark
  • Bumble Bee Conservation Trust
  • Save The Bears (WSPA)
  • Owsten Palm Civet Project (Vietnam)
  • Cheetah Conservation Fund (Namibia)
  • Bally Vaughan Sanctuary (Zimbabwe)
  • Tewin Badger Watch
  • Wolf Conservation Trust
  • Suffolk Owl Sanctuary
  • Cotton Top Tamarin Conservation Club



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