Rex Express Train

Come along and experience prehistoric surprises.

Visitors can experience a Dinosaur Train ride, the ‘Rex Express’, through the World of Dinosaurs, where every twist and turn reveals a new prehistoric surprise.

All Aboard the Rex Express for a ROARsome Adventure!

Calling all dino-enthusiasts!

Embark on a prehistoric journey you won’t forget with the Rex Express! This thrilling train ride takes you through a lost world teeming with incredible life-sized dinosaurs.

See It All!

  • Towering Brachiosaurs reaching for the leaves with their long necks.
  • Stomping Triceratops locking horns in a playful battle.
  • Mighty T-Rexes roaring as they chase after… well, probably nothing, they’re on display after all!

Don’t Miss Out!

The Rex Express is the perfect adventure for families and dino-lovers of all ages.

Rex Express Train Ride is open 10am – 4pm during our winter season, and until 5pm during summer.

£2 per person (card payments only)



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