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Work Experience at Hertfordshire Zoo

Demand for work experience here is very high. If you are interested in a placement we suggest you apply as soon as possible and the more flexible you can be with your dates the higher the chance of success.

work experience At Hertfordshire Zoo

At Hertfordshire Zoo we take on a limited number of work experience students each week, throughout the year.
Our work experience placements are for people pursuing a career in a zoo or working with wildlife. We aim to give insight into what caring for animals in a modern zoo is like.

If you would like to apply for a placement, first please read the information in the link below. If you meet the criteria then please complete the application form fully and return it to us at

Please note demand for our placements is high and spaces fill quickly.

Research at Hertfordshire Zoo

Hertfordshire Zoo is dedicated to encouraging research that contributes to the body of scientific knowledge about zoos and their inhabitants. We welcome many external researchers, including students, who wish to conduct research projects at Hertfordshire Zoo. All researchers must fill out the appropriate application documents and have their proposal accepted before any data collection can take place.

If you are interested in carrying out research at Hertfordshire Zoo or would like to see our Priority Research List please contact our Research Officer at:



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