TV Series One Zoo Three is Back!

Sat 2nd March

Get ready for the highly anticipated fourth series of CBBC’s One Zoo Three!

The wait is over! The roar-some fourth season of CBBC’s One Zoo Three is finally here, ready to whisk families on an animal conservation adventure! You can now catch the new episodes on CBBC and BBC iPlayer. This exciting series blends education and entertainment in a fun-filled way, perfect for viewers of all ages around the world. Get ready to explore the incredible world of Hertfordshire Zoo and The Big Cat Sanctuary alongside the show’s stars!

The new series kicks off with a double dose of excitement from the iconic San Diego Zoo and its breath-taking Safari Park in the USA. With over 15,000 animal residents, including Komodo dragons, Galapagos tortoises, and polar bears, get ready to come face to face with nature’s wonders. Join brothers – Aaron, Tyler, and Cam – as they embark on a fact-finding mission, peering behind-the-scenes of the Frozen Zoo and shining a spotlight on the heroic efforts of the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in safeguarding endangered species like the Andean condor and Southern white rhino.

With each episode, audiences will gain insight into the critical role played by modern zoos in safeguarding endangered species and promoting biodiversity. One Zoo Three showcases the extraordinary work carried out by zoos to protect our planet’s most vulnerable inhabitants.

As the series unfolds, viewers will be transported to the brother’s homes based at Hertfordshire Zoo and The Big Cat Sanctuary, where every corner reveals a new discovery, and every encounter leaves a lasting impression. The boys showcase high quality enrichment, specialist veterinary care and daily life of caring for amazing animals. 

Join us on this unforgettable journey across 10 episodes. Tune into CBBC and BBC iPlayer from March 11 at 5:35 PM GMT, and experience the wonder of wildlife with the Whitnall Brothers in all new One Zoo Three.



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