Steve Backshall opens Amazon & Beyond

Thu 17th August

Exciting New Exhibit opens featuring a very, very big snake!

Award winning Paradise Wildlife Park (the Zoological Society of Hertfordshire) is proud to announce the opening of its new Amazon & Beyond exhibit. Opened on 17th August by BAFTA winning wildlife TV presenter and naturalist, Steve Backshall, the brand-new facility will feature one of the largest Anaconda Houses in the world – a suitable home for the UK’s biggest Anaconda; weighing a whopping 93kg, the mighty, Optimus Prime! (Optimus is actually a girl, her mate Megatron, weighs just 62kg so she’s definitely the boss!).

As well as massive Amazonian snakes, the new facility will also feature a group of animals indigenous to the Anaconda’s South American homeland including: Piranha, Lemur Leaf Frogs, a False Water Cobra and a Beaded Lizard.

The Amazon & Beyond exhibit has been meticulously designed to allow visitors to get really close to the animals. They will, for example, be able to view the Anaconda underwater, getting a real feel for the incredible size and power of one the most magnificent creatures on the planet in its natural space.

Speaking at the Amazon & Beyond launch Steve Backshall said:

“I’m delighted to be back at Paradise Wildlife Park to open such an exciting new exhibit. Anacondas are the largest snakes in the world and it’s great that visitors will now be able to experience the wonder of these incredible creatures up close. Paradise is well known for its conservation work and I’m confident this exhibit will help introduce even more people to these and other endangered creatures.”



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