Local Love Birds Propose!

Tue 7th May

A day out at the zoo turns magical!

Hertfordshire Zoo became the charming venue for an unforgettable engagement as visitor Seckim proposed to his beloved Lavinia amidst the natural beauty of the zoo. Surrounded by captivating wildlife and vibrant greenery, Seckim’s proposal transformed a day out at the zoo into a fairytale-like moment that will be treasured for years to come.

Known for its dedication to conservation and delivering memorable experiences, Hertfordshire Zoo provided the ideal setting for this touching event. The Free Flying Bird display, showcasing an array of bird species from across the globe, added a magical touch to a moment that Lavinia and Seckim will remember forever.

As Lavinia accepted Seckim’s proposal, the onlookers burst into cheers and applause. The staff at Hertfordshire Zoo, having been privy to Seckim’s plans, played a crucial role in capturing and enhancing this joyous occasion, ensuring everything went smoothly.

Tyler Whitnall, Director of Hertfordshire Zoo, shared his joy at facilitating such a special event. “We are ecstatic that our zoo could be the scene for Seckim and Lavinia’s engagement,” he said. “It’s events like these that highlight the beauty of love and the happiness that nature and wildlife can contribute to our lives.”

This engagement is a testament to the enduring appeal of Hertfordshire Zoo, a beloved site of family entertainment and conservation efforts. The zoo not only hosts a variety of wildlife but also continues to be a place for creating lasting memories and sharing the wonder of the wildlife.



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