Meet the brothers from One Zoo Three

Fri 3rd February

Learn all about brand new series 3!

We sat down with brothers Aaron, Tyler and Cam to talk about the newest series 3 of One Zoo Three that has just been released on BBC iPlayer and the CBBC channel at 5:35pm on selected weekdays. Join us as we get an exclusive look into the new episodes, the brother’s favourite parts and much more!


What is the most memorable moment from series 3 for you?

Aaron: ‘We’ve had so many amazing moments! At Paradise Wildlife Park we saw the birth of Tashi, the red panda cub.  At The Big Cat Sanctuary, we’ve had the pleasure of watching black jaguar cub Inka and snow leopard cub Shen continue to grow. One of the biggest highlights for me was going to film at Leipzig Zoo in Germany, one of Europe’s best zoos and getting hands-on with critically endangered Chinese Pangolins, which are sadly the world’s most trafficked animals!

Tyler: The most memorable and special moment of the series for me was being able to travel to India to see tigers for the first time in the wild. Our family has resonated with tigers since we started both wildlife charities and to be the first of the family to see them in the wild was very special. We were also able to meet the conservationists on the front line supporting tiger conservation.


Why do you think One Zoo Three continues to be important to young viewers?

Cam: The show is educating and inspiring the future generation of conservationists, which is not only an incredible feeling for us but is truly important for the conservation and protection of the world’s ecosystem.

Aaron: One Zoo Three plays a vital role in animal care, education and conservation. Our show puts a spotlight on these three areas in particular when it comes to animals as we’re able to show how to care for animals, be ambassadors to teach people of all ages about animals they have never even heard of before and also show what goes on when it comes to working on the front line of wildlife conservation.

Where would you like to go next? Your adventures have taken you to India and Leipzig so far.

Aaron: Zoo wise I would love to travel to San Diego Zoo or Singapore Zoo, they are two zoos which do incredible work! When it comes to conservation trips, either South America to see jaguars and tapirs in the wild or South East Asia to see the likes of sun bears, orangutans, and pangolins!

Tyler: Anywhere and everywhere around the world to see wildlife and support our conservation partners.

Cam: For me, South American to see Jaguars would be my dream * hint hint * CBBC


Has this been surreal to know you reach such a wide audience? 

Tyler: It’s been fantastic to see how many families have enjoyed the series. The team and animals at both charities have done amazing work to support the series, reaching a lot of people and helping them become passionate about wildlife. 

Aaron: One Zoo Three has been life-changing and it’s been wonderful to see how many people enjoy the show and really feel like they are learning from it too!


Visit Paradise Wildlife Park and get up close to the animals that feature on the show, see Tim the tapir, Siberia the Amur tiger and even the male white lion Moto! Catch series one and series two of One Zoo Three now on BBC iPlayer and on selected days on the CBBC channel. Keep up to date with all the brother’s adventures through Paradise Wildlife Park’s socials: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok and Twitter.



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