New Jaguar Habitat coming soon…

Mon 1st February

Paradise Wildlife Park’s lovely jaguar couple Kumal and Kedera are currently on holiday at our sister site The Big Cat Sanctuary.


While they are having a holiday at The Big Cat Sanctuary, we are currently renovating their current habitat into a bigger, better and more exciting home for their return. The new jaguar habitat ‘Jaguar Jungle’ will be twice the size of the one currently housing Kedera and Kumal. Complete with a new on show house and upstairs viewing areas, and even a new pool with underwater viewing, we will be able to bring you closer to our jaguars than ever before. As jaguars love prowling up high in treetops, we have extended the height of the habitat to 6m and will be building the upstairs viewing areas the same height, so you can literally walk with our jaguars amongst the trees.

Watch our video with further insights: Jaguar Jungle Video

Of course, education and conservation are at the very heart of this project. It will be themed around the deforestation and wild fires that are both devastating the Amazon and South American natural landscapes and putting jaguars and other wildlife at risk. We hope that our new immersive jaguar habitat will not only provide an amazing zoo experience but also raise awareness for the challenges wild jaguars face every day.


Both our jaguars are part of the European Breeding Programme and have already had one successful offspring. Keira is now also at The Big Cat Sanctuary and is so in love with her breeding partner Neron. Click here to see Kiera & Neron’s beautiful love story

The new habitat at Paradise will be able to bring maximum comfort and space to hopefully encourage additional births in the future. How incredible would that be?

Please bare with us while we are busy working on Kedera and Kumal’s home over the next few months and we are so excited to welcome them both back home in their new home soon.





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