Introducing Drive 4 Wildlife

Tue 29th October

Drive 4 Wildlife was a conservation expedition that saw three brothers (Aaron, Tyler and Cameron Whitnall), their lifelong friend (Redmond Boulton) and their school friend and camera operator (Will Ferguson) travel across Africa in aid of wildlife conservation. They drove over 4000 kilometres through Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda in East Africa. Each country brought new opportunities to learn about different African animals and the conservation work being carried out.


Thanks to sponsorship through Motor Vision, Paradise Wildlife Park/Zoological Society of Hertfordshire and the Big Cat Sanctuary, the boys were able to travel across East Africa in a safari Jeep and also leave donations on funds and equipment at each conservation project they visited.


The expedition saw Drive 4 Wildlife set up partnerships with the African Wildlife Foundation, Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya and also the Ugandan Wildlife Education Centre and their partners at Queen Elizabeth Nation Park and Ngamba Chimpanzee island Sanctuary in the middle of Lake Victoria.


Each project saw different animals focused on. Stay tuned for reveals of each location and the work achieved at each point.


The trip was an incredible one, but now it is over, the real work begins! The hope is for the footage collected to be used to educate the wider public on issues taking place in the wild but also highlight the incredible work some organisations are doing in Africa. There is also a number of footage that will be used for social media to help run the fund raising campaigns for the £35,000 for the anti-poaching & animal rescue vehicle. Check out the Paradise Wildlife Park YouTube channel to see some of the incredible work.


Or to donate and be apart of our incredible project, click here to visit our JustGiving Page



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