Paradise Wildlife Park is now Hertfordshire Zoo!

Wed 24th January

Why Have We Become Hertfordshire Zoo?

It’s official…Paradise Wildlife Park is now Hertfordshire Zoo!

Our goal is for Hertfordshire Zoo to be a truly inspiring experience and as trusted experts and advocates for conservation, we want to share the wonder of wildlife with children and adults alike. Educating all our visitors on the positive impact of conservation and highlighting how we can all live a more sustainable way of life is at the heart of our vision for the future.


Why have we changed the name?

For the past four decades we have loved being Paradise Wildlife Park and whilst we have grown into one of the most beloved destinations in the county of Hertfordshire. There has always been confusion of what we do and where we are. We’re proud to be within the county and being a zoo remains at the forefront of all our decisions. Thus, becoming Hertfordshire Zoo allows us to show everyone our continuous, unwavering dedication for the welfare of the animals in our care and in conservation of their wild counterparts. We will now be able to reach new audiences that span further across the country and globe to help educate and learn about the needs of conservation, breeding, research and animal welfare. 


Are we still a charity?

We will continue to run as the passionate family wildlife charity that you all know and love. Throughout this time we have upheld an unwavering dedication for the welfare of the animals in our care and in conservation of their wild counterparts. These values will be at the forefront of Hertfordshire Zoo as we aim to assist and reach further with our conservation efforts and charitable donations to aid in support for global efforts to protect wildlife.


Are we still a family run business?

Yes we will remain the same family run business we have always been from the founding in 1984 by Peter and Grace Sampson. Our CEO Lynn Whitnall (Daughter of Peter and Grace), who has been part of the Parks history from the very beginning will continue to carry the business forward alongside the Sampson and Whitnall family.


Have our animals changed?

As we steer our focus to helping protect and aid endangered and critically endangered animals, the focus on animals in our collection will evolve and develop when needed to help aid with current endangered species. Our animals with us currently who we all know and love will remain and will continue to have a caring and loving environment here at the zoo. 


Does this affect your membership?

At this current time there will be no impact to your membership. However, if a change is anticipated we will continue to keep you informed and up to date as we receive new information. 


As always, we thank you for your continuous support and care. If you have any further questions please let us know and we will do our best to assist you. 





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