Celebrating Zuri’s 11th Birthday

Fri 26th January

The Pride's Youngest and Most Mischievous!

Join us in Celebrating Zuri’s 11th Birthday: The Pride’s Youngest and Most Mischievous!

Today marks a special milestone as we celebrate the 11th birthday of Zuri, the youngest and undoubtedly the most spirited member of our pride. Zuri has been the centre of attention since her cub days. Her spirited nature and curiosity have always led her to explore and test limits, often resulting in playful mischief.

Zuri has a special bond with her father, Moto, developing into a true ‘daddy’s girl.’ Her admiration for him is evident in the way she imitates his actions, including her attempt to mimic his territory call, which, while not as robust, is strikingly similar. This adorable trait is just one of the many ways she expresses her unique personality.

Her playful spirit knows no bounds. Zuri can turn anything into a playful adventure, even if it means causing a bit of chaos, like when she mischievously pulled down newly installed CCTV cameras to play football with them! Her antics are a source of endless amusement and wonder.

Zuri’s curiosity extends to exploring new enrichment activities, always eager to be the first to check them out. She shares her father’s fondness for peppermint, showcasing their similar tastes and preferences.

On this special day, as we celebrate Zuri’s 11th year, we reflect on the joy and liveliness she brings to our pride. Her playful nature and boundless energy remind us of the beauty and uniqueness of each member of our pride. Happy Birthday, Zuri! May your days be filled with as much fun and adventure as you bring into our lives!



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