5 things that just make sense at Boulders Beach

Thu 17th August

Welcome to Hertfordshire first beach!

Here at our newest splash area Boulders Beach, there is so much to get excited about. We have listed our top 5 things that make sense at the attraction! As we make Summer Made Easy!

  1. Beach Bites

If you are feeling a little peckish whilst at Boulder Beach, no need to worry! Here at the splash park, you are able to grab a refreshing cold drink and for a tasty treat why not try out a wide variety of ice cream flavours?

      2. Penguins

Here at Boulders Beach, we have 20 life-size penguins dotted about enjoying the tropical scenes. Penguins naturally roam the South African coastline and are often spotted at Boulders Beach on the African coastline. Our life-size penguins here at the park aid in the awareness and education of the conservation of the species and highlight the work we do with our conservation partner SANCCOB

Learn about marine conservation and how Hertfordshire Zoo is supporting conservation partner SANCCOB in the aid of the protection and conservation of penguins and all sea birds.

    3. Eco-Friendly Toliet

Our partnership with Kazuba provides an accessible eco friendly toilet. The WooWoo is a waterless toilet which reduces the amount of water waste and supports our moves to becoming more sustainably responsible.

    4. Deck Chairs

Why not take a moment and relax from the hustle and bustle of the zoo! On a wide variety of deck chairs dotted across Boulders Beach, there’s bound to be a sunny spot at all times of the day. Why not even try our extra large deck chair for an instagrammable moment?

   5. Changing Rooms

Before you go for a swim, get ready in one of our easy-access changing rooms.



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