The Laughing Kookaburra is the largest of the kingfisher family, and famous for its chorus of laughter which echoes through the Australian bush

Unlike most of its relatives, kookaburras occupy the same territories year-round which they mark with their noisy calls. Each group knows the boundaries of each other’s territories by communicating before the spring breeding season to establish boundaries.

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Meet Bombora!

Bombora came to Hertfordshire Zoo from Calderglen Country Park. Bombora is one the nosier members of the bird section,  often demonstrating his laughing call first thing in the morning; even when he is flying he likes to tell you his life story!  He is also very inquisitive and likes to investigate anything you are doing in his aviary. He is a fun member of the flying team who enjoys slamming his plastic frog or snake to ‘kill it’ in the shows. His preferred food is worms and he likes to supplement the diet keepers give him with the odd wild frog.

Key Facts

Insects, lizards, frogs & arthropods
Life Span:
11 to 15 years
Northern Australia
Did you know?
Kookaburras are famous for their early morning and evening songs. The call sometimes described as a ‘cackle’ is used as a territorial marker and is renowned as Australia’s quintessential bush anthem




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