Meet the Capybaras at Hertfordshire Zoo!

Thu 13th June

Your chance to meet our Capybaras!

Hertfordshire Zoo is thrilled to introduce our newest animal experience: Meet the Capybaras! This unique and interactive encounter brings you face-to-face with our delightful capybara family. Enjoy the rare opportunity to get up close, feed, and even scratch these gentle giants under the chin, all under the watchful eye of our dedicated team. Don’t forget your camera to capture these unforgettable moments, whether it’s a selfie or a video of you feeding our friendly capybaras.

Your Adventure Begins

Your adventure starts at Zoo HQ, where you can relax with a drink in our VIP waiting area. From there, our team will guide you to the capybara habitat. Upon arrival, a zookeeper will provide a comprehensive health and safety briefing to ensure both you and the capybaras have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Up-Close Capybara Encounter

Accompanied by a knowledgeable zookeeper, you’ll be introduced to the capybara family and their habitat. Watch as they interact with each other and their environment, and learn about their unique behaviours. Under the expert guidance of the zookeeper, you’ll have the chance to feed the capybaras their favourite snacks and learn about their diet.

Ask the Experts

Have questions about our capybaras? This is your perfect chance to ask! The zookeeper will share fascinating facts and stories about these amazing animals, providing you with a deeper understanding of their lives and habits.

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