Empowering Consumers for Wildlife Conservation through Conscious Choices

Thu 30th November

The palm oil industry stands at a crossroads, grappling with the consequences of its practices on wildlife and their habitats. As consumers, our choices wield immense power in shaping the trajectory of this industry. Enter PalmOil Scan—an app poised to revolutionize the palm oil landscape by placing power in the hands of shoppers and demanding accountability from major manufacturers.

Aiming for Industry Transformation

PalmOil Scan isn’t just an app; it’s a movement. It empowers consumers to demand change from major manufacturers whose sourcing practices are contributing to deforestation and endangering wildlife. More than that, it aims to support and highlight companies leading the charge toward sustainable palm oil production.


Protecting Wildlife and Habitats

The devastating effects of deforestation due to palm oil cultivation on wildlife and their habitats are undeniable. With PalmOil Scan, consumers can take a stand by checking their favourite product’s barcodes to assess how companies are sourcing their palm oil ingredients. By opting for products containing sustainable palm oil, consumers actively contribute to wildlife protection and habitat preservation.

PalmOil Scan isn’t just about scanning barcodes; it’s about scanning the horizon for a better future. By embracing this app, consumers can drive a shift towards a more sustainable palm oil industry—one that safeguards wildlife and their habitats from the ravages of deforestation.



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